About me

Welcome to my digital space! I’m Boyke ten Broeke, 41 years and living happily in the small fishingvillage called Scheveningen in the Netherlands. I am already working as a marketing automation expert now for 15 years with a huge amount of experience.

My journey in digital design has been a deliberate exploration of the delicate balance between aesthetics and usability. I strive to craft designs that not only look appealing but also enhance user experience, paying attention to the subtleties that make a difference in the digital landscape.

Venturing into the tangible, my interest extends to 3D printing, where I enjoy the process of transforming digital concepts into physical objects. From prototypes to tangible designs, I find satisfaction in the hands-on experience of bringing virtual ideas into the real world.

Explore with me as I delve into the practical aspects of digital design and the tangible outcomes of 3D printing. Together, let’s navigate this space where creativity meets functionality, and where the digital and physical realms intertwine to create a nuanced narrative.